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Austin Ruby Survey #1 Results

Austin Ruby Survey Rails Meetings

Hey Everyone

The recent Ruby in Austin survey was very informative. Thanks so much for your participation! We didn’t quite get to a resolution on every issue, but we did learn a few things.

1 Almost every respondent was interested in having a non-Rails Ruby meeting in the evening. (92%)

2 There is a large overlap of potential attendees (79% would like to attend both)

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Help Wanted: Meeting Organizer

august meeting help organizer rails

What should we do for the August meeting? Our fearless leader (wait, that’s me) is going to be out of the country (well not really, but you get the idea). I can’t be at the meeting.

What should we do for the meeting? Who can help out? More mini-talks? Does anyone have an interesting topic up their sleeve?

You’ll have the undying gratitude of your Rails peers if you do something.



Meeting: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 7-9 PM

rails ruby meeting 2009 django forms

Welcome to 2009!

We’ve got an interesting mix to kick off the year. We’ll go deep into creating Rails forms with a screencast from Pragmatic called “Forms Essentials”. They’ve been gracious enough to give us permission to show the episode to our group. It’s a part of their Mastering Rails Forms series. We are also going to get a high-level overview of Django and how it compares with Rails.

Episode 1: Form Essentials (30 minutes)

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Austin on Rails SXSW Happy Hour!

aor meeting night party sxsw sxsw2008

Next Monday night (3/10/2008), we are having an AOR SXSW Happy Hour (sponsored by FiveRuns). The event is from 6-9PM in the Recreation Room at Buffalo Billiards (upstairs). There will be games galore (including Wii), beer, appetizers, and Rails geeks from all over the world. The first 100 attendees shall receive a very choice “Rails at SXSW” T-shirt. So, do come early!

You do not have to be a SXSW Interactive attendee (but if you are, just bring your badge) to enter the party. However, if you don't have a badge, please send an email to "sxsw [at]" to reserve your party spot. If you're feeling particularly social and geeky, you can add your name to (currently over 70 Attending so far!)

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Meeting: November 14, 2006 @ 7PM

ajax googlemaps meeting party

Where: Frog Design at 8th and Congress Ave

The presentation this month will be on using Prototype and Scriptaculous to take a Rails application that normally would have been handled with a lot of form posts, and convert it to Ajax using drag and drop and other Ajax options to make it perform better for users. It is an issue tracking system loosely based on Scrum. David will show how they built the application, and waded through the scattered Rails/Ajax documentation to come up with the Ajax pieces we have implemented.

In addition, David will show the work they've done with the Google Maps API and Ajax, where there was not Prototype/Scriptaculous support, and the existing gems only provided minimal functionality. He'll show how they hacked the Google Maps API rather than just use RJS and simplified commands. This will be a nice contrast on "rolling your own" Ajax handling versus using built-ins and why they ultimately decided to develop their own.

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