The midsummer heat is crushing and yet we roll on. We gather, we learn, we share. This month, we’ll be hearing a nice variety of topics from some of the folks at MakerSquare as well as a guest from California, Scott Feinberg, talking about how to keep your app running in the event of a zombie apocalypse! Your Rails Conductor for this month is Damon Clinkscales.

Beginner Talks (Varied) - from MakerSquare students and teachers

Ashley McKemie — Effectively modeling and utilizing data in Ruby / Rails

  • How to visualize your data before you start writing it
  • How to set up the appropriate relationships using ActiveRecord
  • Creating and using join tables

Gilbert Garza — Practical functional programming in Rails

  • Why a service layer?
  • Railway oriented programming
  • Using monads (without the theory!) to create composable services

Canaan Davis — Getting started with Backbone.js

  • What does Backbone offer?
  • What you need to get going
  • How Backbone can work with Rails

Scott Feinberg - Preparing a Rails App for the Zombie Apocalypse

We’ll take a mission critical application and make sure it keeps running through the Zombie Apocalypse. We’ll go through the process of taking a single data center Rails application and distributing it, the options for doing that, and some of the concerns/problems/issues that come up in doing so. We’ll also discuss the drawbacks and when/if it’s worth this kind of infrastructure investment. Attendees will hopefully walk away with a few strategies that can take away and implement for their mission critical applications.

When the zombies overrun AWS East, you’ll be prepared.

Scott is a nomadic Ruby Developer, recently exiled to Silicon Valley from Boston/NYC/New Hampshire. When he’s not coding Ruby applications, he’s most likely hacking on his drone or planning his next trip overseas.