Welcome to 2014!

Looking forward to getting the band back together this month on the 28th. We would love to have your join us.

How to Build A Ruby Gem - Clare Glinka

So, you want to build a Ruby gem! If you are new to Ruby or programming in general, getting started can be more than a little daunting. This presentation will cover some of the basics and best practices for beginners building their first gem, also known as “what I wish I had known when I started writing my first gem”.

Clare Glinka is an ecologist-turned-web developer and a recent graduate of MakerSquare.

Using Rails Engines as an SOA Middle Ground - Jeff Felchner

In the recent tradition of AoR talks about how to deal with apps that have outgrown their “Wow” factor and are now piles of tangled code into which no developer dares to venture, Jeff Felchner will take a concrete example inspired by real life code to show you some simple ways to leverage OO design and specifically some Rails niceties to split your app up into managable chunks and to do it in a way that you can actually sell to your manager/client.

Jeff Felchner has been developing software since 1998 and has been working almost exclusively with Rails since 2006. He’s worked in ASP Classic, PHP and thinks there was some Java in there somewhere as well although he’s not sure since he’s blocked most of it from his mind.

Hope to see you at Capital Factory!