Let’s build a GraphQL server

Give REST a rest and consider GraphQL for your next API. In this talk I’ll cover the what, why and how of GraphQL. We’ll touch on GraphQL’s past, present and future. Mostly, we’ll look at code and and write some code. We’ll build a simple GraphQL server using the excellent graphql-ruby gem and Rails 5 API.


Tim Scott

Tim Scott is a polyglot developer, specializing in NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, React Native and GraphQL.

Kube for n00bs


If all that stuff is confusing or intimidating, don’t panic - we’re here to help. We’ll help you develop a rough mental model of a kubernetes cluster and what it does, then jump into a demo of how you’d build and deploy a simple Rails API inside a kubernetes cluster. Don’t worry - if we were able to figure this out, you can too.


Mando Escamilla

Mando Escamilla works on the Operations team at Spredfast, where he does his best to help reduce operational complexity while simultaneously not ruin everything. His unique teaching style (known colloquially as “If This Idiot Can Do This So Can I” or “ITICDTSCI”) has helped literally like 3 people.

Chloe Coon

Chloe Coon began her engineering journey when a college SQL class unlocked her love of writing queries. Since then it’s been twist and turns through Customer Support and QA to becoming a Support Engineer at Union Metrics where she really started getting into Ruby. She is currently a Software Engineer at Union Metrics, writing Ruby and learning Java.