2 Years in Austin, a Ruby Review - Youssef Chaker

Lots can happen in 2 years, so if you’re new to Austin, just like Youssef was not long ago, or you’ve been out of the loops for a while, here’s what you missed in the past 2 years.

Youssef is the bear in Bear & Giraffe LLC, been working with Ruby on Rails since 2008, and loves building custom web applications that present their own new challenges. Raised speaking three “human” languages, which makes learning a new programming language a walk in the park. Can be found on the inter webs at @ychaker.

Ten Years of Ruby Conferences: A Dramatic Revue - Carol Nichols - Goulding, Jeremy Flores, Brenna Flood (from Keep Ruby Weird 2014)

Because of the lack of speakers this month, we’ve chosen to show an a gem for the local Ruby conf: Keep Ruby Weird. Here’s the excerpt about the talk from the video page:

Many incredible people have given many amazing talks at Ruby or Rails conferences over the years, and we’d like to take a look back at some of the best. From _why the Lucky Stiff to Sandi Metz, from Matz to DHH, from Tenderlove to Jim Weirich, we will be giving you a whirlwind tour through the conference ages. You’ll learn where those important ideas you take for granted got their start. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry as you experience how the Ruby Community has grown over the years and how we’ve connected through our shared conference experiences. Rain ponchos recommended for the front row. This talk features creations by Brenna Flood.