Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story

Standard Rails development made me happy like no other programming paradigm in my career. Simple front-end development with standard Rails and a sprinkling of jQuery was ‘OK’ Then, in 2014, I had to build a front-end that dynamically updated like a desktop app. I knew there had to be something better, and I went down the rabbit hole of integrating React with Rails using Webpack. Come find out how my obsessive pursuit of “developer happiness” for the Rails front-end eventually drove me to start the React on Rails gem, the most popular integration of Rails with React using Webpack.

Justin Gordon began blogging on A burning desire to bring happiness to Rails front-end development led to the open source project React on Rails. Besides open source, he’s the founder and CEO of and

Extracting stinky code with service objects

Create more maintainable Rails projects with creators, decorators, presenters, query objects, and service objects. This talk will be light on programming philosophy but I’ll touch on some of the reasons you might want to use service objects and give you some real examples from live apps.

Ryan Crispin Heneise runs The Small Idea Company, a Ruby on Rails consultancy that helps startups succeed at product development.