Intro to Trailblazer - Naghmeh Shirazi

Trailblazer is high-level architecture framework for Ruby web applications. It deals with the problem of abstraction in an application. Trailblazer and Ruby on Rails work well together because they are decoupled. We will go through the concepts of Trailblazer to understand them and show how we can use it with Ruby on Rails applications.

Naghmeh started her career in technology by managing her home bakery website. That led to a QA internship which helped her get experience working on an engineering team. This inspired her to learn more about programming which she did at The Iron Yard. She works at Bear and Giraffe as software developer.

Unix Tricks for Rails Developers - Matthew Swain

Most Rails Developers use the Unix shell, Bash (or a variant), every day. However, many newcomers don’t utilize the full potential of this ubiquitous command line interface to the Unix operating system. As an updated version of the talk on this subject I gave to AoR in 2014, I’ll discuss powerful features and tricks of the Bash shell to help improve your day to day life developing with Rails!

Matt Swain has been doing Ops for large web applications for over 10 years for companies including Symantec, Five Runs, and PeopleAdmin. He currently does his computering at Spredfast.