JSON Web Tokens 101 - Jeff Felchner

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) have become quite a bit more popular as of late. But why not just use autogenerated random tokens? Should I sign them? Should I encrypt them? What actually goes in a JWT? How can I get them to play nice with Rails? Do I still need passwords? Is butter a carb? All these and more will be revealed. And as always, there will be a piece of pop culture nostalgia hidden in one of my slides… what happens if you find it first?

Jeff began his programming career as a hobo riding the rails. One day his train broke down in the hamlet of Bowling Green, KY. As it was being repaired, Jeff went out into the village and learned from the locals of a thing called “Ruby” and something else called “Rails”. Since Jeff knew all about riding the rails, he figured this was right up his alley. Thirteen years of development and six years of Ruby and Rails later, he’s still going strong and now only has to hop a train for fun.

Use Rails to Quantify Yourself - Gal Tsubery

You know how to optimize code, You benchmark to set a baseline, refactor and then benchmark again. You know that any production app requires monitoring and alerting tools. The same proven principles can be applied to your personal life. Two years ago I built a Rails app that provides metrics about various problem areas I found in my life. From procrastination to fitness and education, pretty much anything can become a metric. In this talk I want to show few of the challenges when dealing with idiosyncrasies of seven different 3rd party APIs and my lessons about unexpected complexity. If you got curious enough to try it out at home, I’ll go over the simple plugin architecture and show how easy it is to add your own metrics to the app.

Gal solves problems with code. When not coding he likes to race cars and motorcycles.