Ask a code school grad (panel)

There are now 8 different code schools in Austin (and we’ll probably due for more!). Code school grads are graduating and joining the tech community in droves. There’s been a lot of interest from our community in learning more about code school grads: their background, what to they know, what would they need from the community, among other questions. In this panel, we well get to chat with code school grads and get some questions answered.

Divide and Conquer: why your next app should be two apps - Van Anderson

The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) is one of the most important foundations to writing maintainable and effective code. This principle too often gets ignored when making decisions about the high level architecture of an application. In this talk, I will make the case for using a Rails API with a front end framework while also demonstrating a simple implementation.

Van is an enthusiastic evangelist for taking creative approaches to software development and challenging the status quo. He is currently employed as a developer in a research and development branch of Texas State Technical College.