What Clojure Has Taught Me About Functional Programming - Nola Stowe

Ruby has functional methods such as reduce and map, how much do you use them? What can those functions tell you about conveying intent? Functional programming can make your code speak for itself and be easier to test. You can walk away knowing that the next guy (or lady!) will have an idea of what your code is doing at a glance. Nola will share what she has been learning in Clojure about functional programming the last few years and how you can apply it to your ruby code.

Nola has been coding Rails applications since version 0.8 and has worked as a Web Developer for the past 18 years in PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby and Clojure. She is an independant consultant at RubyGeekLLC and blogs at http://www.rubygeek.com.

An Approach To Scale Monolithic Codebases - John Underwood

There comes a time when your codebase has grown to a certain size and perhaps past the point of CRUD functionality. Issues begin to arise with shared logic, which tend to pool in models or controllers. Using code examples, I’ll guide you through patterns to help alleviate this pain. We’ll focus on the Reform and Cells gems within Trailblazer and how you can use them to manage a codebase. Insights from this talk can help if you have fat controllers, fat models, a large lib directory or feel like your view layer code is brittle.

John began working with Rails in 2008 and has worked in dozens of Rails codebases since then of various sizes and complexity. After graduating from UT with a CS degree, he has spent his career simplifying codebases for non-profit organizations and startups alike.