Important! We are meeting at Dev Bootcamp this month!

  • Dev Bootcamp is located on the first floor of 1705 Guadalupe St.
  • Parking: Street parking is available around the campus of Dev Bootcamp.
  • The front door into the building where Dev Bootcamp is located locks at 6PM. We will have someone at the door, but please text or call 979.575.5007 if you arrive and are locked out.

Metaprogramming is “writing code that writes code” – but what does that mean? - Amanda Chang

In this talk, we’ll use metaprogramming techniques to reimplement some common Ruby tools and then look at how we can use metaprogramming to design libraries in Ruby.

Amanda Chang (@changamanda) is an Austin-based full-stack developer whose first “language love” is Ruby. Whenever she’s not writing code, she’s probably playing ultimate frisbee.

Docker: What It Is and Why You Should Care - Alexander Clark

Docker? Seriously? Seriously. Learn what Docker is and how it can simplify (not complicate) your development workflow.

Alexander has been programming for a very long time. When he met Ruby, it was love at first sight. He is currently working as Development Lead at WeInfuse. He’s @atheclark on twitter and he blogs at