Facepalm To Foolproof: Common Gotchas for Running Rails Apps in Production - Chad Bailey

If you’re new to Rails development, or just want some tips on deploying and running in production, this is the talk for you. Relying on real-world experience as part of the Heroku support team, we’ll talk through common issues (and a few funny ones) we see when people take their “but it works in development!” app to a production environment.

Chad Bailey left a career as a rocket scientist to build web apps, and he’s been doing just that for the better part of a decade. Chad currently works on the support team at Heroku, where he helps customers run their databases on one of the largest production Postgres fleets in the world.

Script Organization with Thor & Rake - Youssef Chaker

You’ve probably used some of the Rails commands (eg. rails generate MODEL) and Rake tasks, but do you know where they come from? This talk goes over the different ways you can add command line scripts to your Ruby on Rails application.

Youssef is the bear in Bear & Giraffe LLC, been working with Ruby on Rails since 2008, and loves building custom web applications that present their own new challenges. Raised speaking three “human” languages, which makes learning a new programming language a walk in the park. Can be found on the inter webs at @ychaker.