Hiring (and Keeping) Junior Developers — Justin Herrick

As the saying goes, “juniors juniors everywhere, but no one I can hire.” Lets tackle the myths and realities of hiring and working with junior developers on a small team. Then spend time talking about interviewing, hiring, retaining, and mentoring junior developers. A code free and open discussion on the practice and practices needed to land the best talent of the future, today.

Justin Herrick is a consultant, software craftsman, and educator currently working as the Ruby on Rails Instructor at The Iron Yard Austin.

Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Realtime with ActionCable

Nathaniel Jones takes us on a high-speed tour of Rails 5’s flagship feature: * What is Rails 5’s ActionCable, and how would it make my customers’ experiences better? * What are ActionCable’s components, dependencies, and deployment considerations? * How does it operate under load? What performance strategies can I consider to ensure high concurrency?

Even if you’re planning to hang out with Rails 4 for the time being, ActionCable can be dropped into a Rails 4 stack with a couple of Gemfile lines. Come on by!

Nathaniel Jones is a developer at Scout RFP.

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