With a Little Help from My Friends - Anthony Lewis

A look back at how Austin on Rails has helped me grow my career from an entry level Rails developer to an instructor, conference speaker, published author, and team lead in less than five years. Learn how you can participate in and benefit from this awesome community.

Anthony Lewis is an Engineering Team Lead at Sharethrough and the author of Rails Crash Course. He enjoys breakfast tacos and talking about himself in the third person.

Death by a Thousand (Almost) Cuts, a Ruby on Rails and Angular JS Love Story - Youssef Chaker

You start off needing a quick script to make part of your consulting work less repetitive, so you write a small python script. You then add a couple more features. Sprinkle some Angular JS on top. And before you know it, you’re selling the tool as “Enterprise Software”, but you can’t add any of the “enterprisey” features because your code is a big mess. You hear about this shiny red gem that everyone’s talking about, all the cool kids are using it, so you hire a contractor to port your Python app into a Ruby on Rails app. In this talk you’ll learn about what to expect from this endeavor.

Youssef is the bear in Bear & Giraffe LLC, been working with Ruby on Rails since 2008, and loves building custom web applications that present their own new challenges. Raised speaking three “human” languages, which makes learning a new programming language a walk in the park. Can be found on the inter webs at @ychaker.