Learning by Reading Open Source Code - Max Holzheu

Writing code that the compiler won’t complain about is far easier than writing paragraphs your fellow humans will understand. That’s why all documentation probably sucks, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except one thing: Learn to Read the Source.

Max Holzheu is a self taught web developer and cofounder of Beek. He has being doing Rails for close to two years and has developed around 16 Rails apps, including an Uber clone, a betting app for the World Cup and an online learning platform. He has witnessed sand rain, and survived. He also tweets a lot of quotes from books he’s reading, so you don’t have to.

Approaches to Testing Rails - Titus Fortner

Delivering code more frequently means automating tests. How many people feel like they are spending more time maintaining their failing tests than getting useful information from them? Does writing your tests before writing code actually help? Are you writing the right unit tests? Are you sure your integration tests are giving you the results you think they are? This talk will provide some answers by discussing Ruby tools available to test your applications - Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara and Watir, along with their relative benefits and usefulness. You should come away from this talk with ideas on how to increase your confidence in your testing approach.

Titus Fortner has been writing functional user interface tests in Ruby for several years. He is the maintainer of the Ruby bindings in Selenium, and the lead developer of the Watir (Web Application Testing in Ruby) project. He’s committed to open source development and making it easier to facilitate delivering quality software.