Materialize your Stuff - Cecy Correa

As a backend dev, you probably work with designers who take care of making your app a delightful experience, so you probably never have to worry about making something look nice. But, there are times when you might have to make something look “not broken.” An open source or personal project, perhaps? I know what you’re thinking, there’s Bootstrap for that. I’m here to tell you there’s another player on the block, and that’s Materialize.

Materialize is a frontend framework based on Material Design. I’ll talk about the benefits of Materialize over other frameworks, and how to play with Materialize in your Rails app.

Cecy is co-chapter leader Girl Develop It ATX, Organizer @RefreshAustin. Full-stack developer with eye for design. Amateur standup comedian.

A (Gentle) Rant On Architecting and Designing Rails Apps - Cory Foy

There was a time when Rails was Magic and Fun. Where developers typed “rails new” and cranked out features. But more and more we look critically at our rails apps and wonder how we fit them in to so many paradigms - from Clean Architecture, to DDD, through slim controllers and slimmer models. But in our frenzy to adopt the latest thing, we threaten to leave newbies missing out on the progression necessary for good design - and the true joy that comes from following that path. In this talk, Cory Foy will cover some of the challenges he sees newbie developers having with Rails, and details how to build a clean system which can withstand significant change over a long period of time - without trying to get it all right up front.

Cory has had a life-long passion for helping others, starting with spending 7 years as a Firefighter and CPR Instructor. But technology really captured his interest, and for the past 17 years Cory has had the pleasure of working and leading teams building software for some of the largest companies and organizations in the world - including Microsoft, MIT, Beats By Dre, Wachovia and many others. In the mid-2000s Cory began working to solve the problem of organizational change and agility in companies, and led to his work with the Scrum Alliance, and Lean-Kanban University. Cory has been a guest lecturer at several universities, including Notre Dame and Carnegie Mellon, and speaks at organizations and conferences around the globe. Cory now serves as the Director of Corporate Education for The Iron Yard, and spends downtime with his wife and two girls where they can be found fishing, building awesome things, or just hanging out near any body of water.