Come out and join us for an evening of Rails and code on July 28th. This month’s edition will be emcee will be Schneems. Pizza will be provided, sponsored by Real HQ. Drinks at socialization practice are sponsored by Own Local.

Everything I Need to Know About Git I Learned from Hand Puppets - Lora L. Abe & Brad Fults

Have you ever wondered why a git rebase fails when all you want to do is pull from the server? Or why people scream in horror if you mention git push --force? Or how about just what exactly is going on when you run a git reset? Come join us for a fun and in-depth tour of what Git is doing behind the scenes while we’re making wild gestures at it with our hands.

Lora L. Abe attended and taught for Dev Bootcamp in Chicago and SF before joining Treehouse (the education site, not the hardware store) to cultivate grass-fed organic gluten-free code. She thinks red pandas and Newtonian mechanics and rocks are pretty neat.

Brad Fults has been writing software for humans over the past 570 megaseconds or so and has had terrible and wonderful experiences with Git, Ruby and Rails. He enjoys well-crafted interfaces, excellent names and useful commit messages. Quality is the name of his game.

Securing Rails for the Enterprise - Marcus J. Carey

There are lot of insecure Rails applications out there that need some security love. This talk will cover how you can perform security audits and harden your Rails applications for the enterprise. We’ll also discuss how you can use sound patterns which will help you avoid loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability on your Rails deployments.

Marcus is founder & CTO of vThreat, Inc. Marcus is a hacker who helps people not suck at cybersecurity. Marcus started his technology voyage in U.S. Navy Cryptology and working at the National Security Agency (NSA).