Not even a tropical storm can stop the June Meeting of Austin on Rails! Your emcee this month is Anthony Lewis.

Rails API - Anthony Lewis

Rails 5 is coming soon. One of the new features of Rails 5 is the inclusion of the Rails API gem. Learn how to build an API-only Rails application. We’ll discuss the benefits of using Rails API, using ActiveModel::Serializer to convert models to JSON, and the JSON API Specification.

Anthony Lewis is a Software Engineer at Sharethrough and the author of Rails Crash Course. He enjoys breakfast tacos and talking about himself in the third person.

Cultivating a Code Review Culture - Derek Prior

Code reviews are not about catching bugs. Modern code reviews are about socialization, learning, and teaching. How can you get the most out of a peer’s code review and how can you review code without being seen as overly critical? Reviewing code and writing easily-reviewed features are skills that will make you a better developer and a better teammate.

Derek has been doing professional web development for over 15 years and is currently a developer with thoughtbot and host of The Bike Shed podcast.