Welcome to 2015!

Hop on your hoverboard and join us for the first meeting of the year. Your Rails conductor this month is Matt Swain.

Active Record Associations - Anthony Lewis

Everything you ever wanted to know about Active Record Associations, but were afraid to ask. What really happens when you call has many or belongs to? Where does the foreign key go again? Do I use has many :through or has and belongs to many? How do I remove a model from an association without deleting it? These questions and more will be answered through slides and live coding.

Anthony Lewis is a Senior Software Engineer at Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) and the author of Rails Crash Course.

Accelerating Rails Development with Hobo - Steve Madere

Hobo turns Rails into RAD without limits

Everybody wants to launch their new web app yesterday. Whether it’s time-to-market pressure or agile expectations, we are all under the gun to “get something useful out there now!” In this talk, you’ll learn how you can leverage Hobo (http://hobocentral.net) to build extendable apps almost instantly from little more than a data model (without using a bunch of crufty scaffolding). To prove it, we’ll build a working app during the talk. You’ll also see how Hobo supports rapid enhancement and dries up your code (reducing LOC and thus maintenance liability).

Steve Madere is a serial startup CTO and entrepreneur who has been active in the Austin startup community since 1990 and using Rails since 2008. He studied Physics at UT and UCSD and created the Usenet search engine Deja News during the Jurassic period of the Internet. When not coding or starting companies, he gets his adrenaline fix from windsurfing, snowboarding and rock climbing.