Hey Folks! We’ve got a blockbuster meeting this month. Check it out…we’ve going to hear what is new in Rails 4.2 and how to keep your Rails apps fast with caching strategies. Your Rails conductor this month is Anthony Lewis.

What’s New in Rails 4.2 - Anthony Lewis

Rails 4.2 is coming soon. This talk will cover new features such as Active Job, the GlobalID library, and Adequate Record. I’ll also discuss changes and deprecations so you can be ready to upgrade when 4.2 is released.

Anthony Lewis is a Senior Software Engineer at Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) and the author of Rails Crash Course.

Rails Caching Secrets From the Edge - Michael May

When it comes to caching, there are two types of web developers - those with phat stacks of cache money and those suffering from cache anxiety. Caching is particularly handy when scaling Rails apps, however we often avoid putting in effort because it can quickly get complicated without effective strategies. Rails provides a host of built-in caching interfaces that are easy to leverage and extend. I’ll talk about how to do this and combine rails with technologies like CDNs and HTTP accelerators like Varnish so that you can more effectively cache everything, everywhere without fear of serving stale content.

Michael May is an API Engineer at Fastly and a former Austinite, now hailing from San Francisco. While in Texas he studied at UT Austin and co-founded CDN Sumo, which was acquired by Fastly. He’s waiting for the day when FaaS (Franklin BBQ as a Service) becomes a thing and dreams about fast websites.

Hope to see you there!