Things are cooling off a bit lately and it’s a welcome change. :)

We’ve got a great meeting coming up this month, put together by Tim Tyrrell. For our beginner talk, we’ll learn how to all be better testers, and for our advanced talk we will talk about Impostor Syndrome and how to break free from it. Our Rails Conductor this month is Nathan Ladd.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it…

Better Testing By Questioning Everything - Nathan Ladd

These days, volumes of blog posts and screencasts are available to teach aspiring rubyists how to test. However, explanations for why we test often only scratch the surface. Let’s put the very concept of testing itself under the microscope, and uncover the basic requirements that feed into every test we write.

Nathan is a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at WellMatch. He has been writing software professionally for 10 years, specializing in domain driven design, architecture, and systems engineering. His languages include Ruby, C, and Javascript, and has worked extensively with the Ruby on Rails web framework.

You Are Not An Impostor - Nickolas Means

Despite the attention that impostor syndrome has gotten in the Ruby community recently, so many amazing developers still hide in fear of being discovered as frauds. These developers chalk their achievements up to everything except their own talent and don’t believe they deserve their success. I know, because I’ve struggled with impostor syndrome my whole career. In this talk, I’ll show you what makes impostor syndrome so powerful and how you can break free from the grip it has on your life.

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at WellMatch. He’s an advocate for all things pairing, and thinks vulnerability and egolessness are the two most important virtues in software development. He also writes Ruby and Javascript sometimes.

Help Out?

We are looking for a meeting organizer for October. Please help!