“We must be a mile from the sun.” – Tom Hanks in Volunteers

Summer is winding down and the Texas heat is a bit oppressive right now but it’s not too long until we’ll be basking in cool Fall days.

We’ve got a great meeting this month, organized by Aaron Scruggs. He will be your Rails conductor for August. For the beginners, we’ve got a walkthrough of background processing in Ruby (always good to know about when you have lots of work to do), and for our advanced talk we have a walk through Arel, which has been added into Rails models in recent years. Should be instructive and entertaining!

WIthout further ado…the program:

Khash Sajadi - Background Processing in Ruby

This is an introduction to scalable background processing in Ruby (and Rails) applications. It discusses best practises on task management, managing and scaling long running processes in apps and overviews different solutions from high end of Delayed Job to more detailed ones like Event Machine.

Khash is the cofounder and CEO of Cloud 66, a DevOps as a Service company, helping Ruby on Rails developers run and manage their web applications and mobile backends on any cloud provider.

Joshua Cody - Arel for Software Writers and Computer Scientists

A relational algebra? Abstract syntax trees? The visitor pattern? There’s a lot of neat patterns and computer science behind Arel, but it’s also easy to write queries that make your coworkers rage. What are the patterns and principles behind one of Rails’ nicest tools, and how can we wield them tastefully?

Joshua is a User Experience Engineer at AcademicWorks, designing and building software that helps universities and community foundations offer more scholarships than ever before.

Look forward to seeing you there!