It’s summertime in Austin and it’s time to get your learn on at the June Austin on Rails meeting. We’ll feature a couple of great talks, one beginner and one advanced, and a healthy dose of socialization practice too. Your conductor for this month is Theo Mills of ShippingEasy.

Matt Swain - Unix Tricks for Rails Developers

Most Rails Developers use the Unix shell, Bash (or a variant), every day. However, many newcomers don’t utilize the full potential of this ubiquitous command line interface to the Unix operating system. In this talk, I’ll discuss powerful features and tricks of the Bash shell to help improve your day to day life developing with Rails!

Matt Swain has been doing Ops for large web applications for over 10 years for companies including Symantec, Five Runs, and PeopleAdmin. He currently does his computering at Spredfast.

Theo Mills - Refactoring Outside the Stack

For most large Rails applications, ActiveRecord models eventually become junk drawers full of callbacks, business logic and predicate methods. Using Code Climate’s “7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models” blog post as a guide, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of each recommended strategy, offering real world tips and code examples along the way.

Theo Mills was once a Java and PHP developer for systems large and small. He discovered Ruby in 2006 and has been attending Austin on Rails since 2008. Theo is currently a senior developer at ShippingEasy.

Looking forward to seeing you there!