Greetings Rails Aficionados!

Glad to have everyone back from RailsConf. Hope you had a great time. Looking forward to getting your impressions of the conference at the meeting. We’ve got an awesome program laid out for us this month by the good folks at PeopleAdmin. Jonathan Hardy, their Director of Development, is your Rails Conductor this month.

Patrick Morgan - Deconstructing Your Code With Pry

Software is hard, but even more so if you don’t know what is actually going on. In this introductory talk, we will overview how to use the Pry REPL in the context of Ruby on Rails development and discover the ways we can explore code and program state while an application is running. Specifically we will overview the installation and use of Pry and a few of its more useful extensions in a Ruby 2.1 and Rails 4.x environment.

Patrick Morgan is an unapologetic geek who loves to use to technology to solve problems and eliminate the repetitive and menial. Patrick got his start in professional IT automating processes in data processing using Perl and migrating Windows infrastructure to Linux. After discovering Ruby around 2002 and Rails in 2005 he has developed business and social web applications for a variety of startups and government agencies, and maintained the infrastructure supporting them. Currently, Patrick provides full-stack expertise at CabForward on a variety of projects and spends most of his days as a contractor with the excellent team at PeopleAdmin. Hobbies? What could be more fun than coding? Maybe Minecraft…

Lance Woodson - Repairing Foundations (Without Shaking the Walls)

Repairing foundations without shaking the walls is a retrospective of work on a foundational element of PeopleAdmin’s technology stack — backgrounding with Resque. The problems were difficult to diagnose, manifesting mostly in production. The work would be risky, with the potential to cause outages across all applications. And the solutions required the building of tools not yet available. Lance will share his ideas in how to deal with these type of gnarly issues in light of this experience and demonstrate some of the tools developed by PeopleAdmin and released as open source gems that might help others dealing with chronic problems in their backgrounding layer.

Lance Woodson is a tinkerer and problem solver that enjoys tackling tough problems with an element of the unknown in them. He has been working as a software engineer for 10+ years, first with Perl, then with Java and Python, and now with Ruby and ROR. Currently, he hangs his hat at PeopleAdmin where he plies his trade in an architect role.

Looking forward to seeing you there!