After a bit of a hiatus to party it up with other web devs during SXSW, we are back on our regular schedule this month. Let’s jump back into the groove with this thing.

Chad Bailey - Understanding (and Fixing) Rails App Performance on Heroku

Congratulations! You’ve managed to build a Rails app that people actually use. Now you have traffic, and with it comes performance problems.

Chad Bailey, a support engineer at Heroku, will walk through some of the strategies he uses to help people like you every day. You’ll learn how to spot common performance problems in Rails apps—and how to get the information you need to solve the less-common ones.

Chad Bailey left a career in RF engineering to build things on the web. He helped develop the new Bible.com before building mobile apps and web services with Rocket Mobile, an agency in Austin. Now he’s a support engineer at Heroku, the best place to host your Rails apps on the web.

Keith Gaddis - Monolithic SOA: Doing the right thing the wrong way (or was it the other way around?)

Rails applications have a tendency to devolve into highly coupled mountains of code that are difficult to test and resistant to change. Service Oriented Architecture is often presented as a solution to the coupling problem, but the road to SOA is fraught with peril and littered with the carcasses of projects that tried and failed to discover good service boundaries. In this talk, I’ll share my strategies for remediating large codebases using patterns like CQRS, messaging, and domain driven design, moving them towards a service-oriented architecture in a step-wise manner that minimizes risk and reduces coupling, while maximizing discovery and testability.

Keith Gaddis is a technology consultant who works with companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, focusing on software architecture, technology strategy, implementation, and team mentoring. While he loves a green field project as much as the next person, he also gets a kick out of working on projects that need help getting back on track.

Look forward to seeing you there!