Howdy folks, looking forward to our meeting on February 25. We will be doing a lightning round with community members and that is always a LOT of fun!

Things will break down roughly thusly…

Section 1 (7-8PM) - “On User Groups”, Damon Clinkscales, @damon - chef-book, JJ Asghar, @jjasghar - “Deploying Rails with Docker”, James Adam, @lazyatom - “One-off code vs reusable code: Why didn’t I think about this before I started?”, Derrick Parkhurst @8bsn - “Building a Ruby command line app”, Ben Rogers - “5 Ways to Build Better Web APIs with Ruby”, James Higginbotham, @launchany Section 2 (8-9PM) - “Ack! People are using my app! Now what?”, Justin Litchfield, @sototallysweet - “A sprinkling of Ember”, Brandon Hays, @tehviking - “Practice, Practice, Practice”, Nola Stowe, @rubygeekdotcom - “High-performance image uploads with CarrierWave”, Nathaniel Jones, @thenthj - “True Fact: This is the BEST way to configuration management yourself… ever.”, Jeff Felchner @jfelchner - “A RESTful Resource Rant”, Theo Mills, @twmills

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, RSVP to our Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour today! Invite your web geek friends who will be in town to come hang out with us, have a few drinks, play some games, and chat web technology.

Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour

Also, we are happy to announce our two headline sponsors for the event: Spiceworks and! Let’s thank them a ton for making this possible.