Hello Folks

Yes, we are meeting in November! Your conductor this month is Scott Bellware.

Use the Lib: Structure Your Rails App for Less Friction and Easier Growth

Rails’ popularity is a direct reflection of the raw productivity it delivers right out of the box. You can get an app up and running in a couple of hours. DHH famously built a blog in fifteen minutes in his RailsConf keynote. But what happens when those fifteen minutes are up? Does Rails productivity hold up after fifteen days? How about fifteen weeks, or fifteen months?

This presentation introduces some foundational software design principles that support productivity beyond the short term. It presents some best practices and patterns, and demonstrates how to use them right now in your Rails projects. And most importantly, it challenges some of the common techniques embraced by Rails developers and contrasts them with known anti-patterns and fallacies in the software development world at large.

Scott Bellware has been working in Rails since 2006. He’s committed to sustainability, precision, and clarity in all aspects of software development work. He’s a student of Toyota’s methods and culture (a.k.a.: Lean), and has been teaching the application of this approach to software development at industry events and workshops in North America and Europe.

Cool Tips, Bro - Ideas for Extracting a Component into a Service

Once you’ve properly structured your Rails app, you’ll begin to find logical seams in your domain logic. These seams can be the perfect opportunity to extract a software component into a stand-alone service.

Building on the ideas and examples in Scott’s presentation, we’ll walk through some tips and tricks on how to identify and extract components from a Rails application, as well as talk about some of the pitfalls and things to avoid when building and deploying stand-alone services.

Mando Escamilla is a gentleman developer at Union Metrics, Inc. He’s spent over 15 years in the industry and you’d really think he’d know more about it at this point, but hey - at least he’s trying.

He loves all things Muppet and McRib, but most of all he loves his kids.