Greetings Rails Aficionados!

It’s high time that we meet up again…We have a special treat for you that Rails Conductor Theo Mills has put together. Union Metrics is in the house with a Double Feature!

Visualizing Data with Rails and D3.js: The Basics

Rails is great at being a REST API and serving up your resources in a variety of formats. D3 is great at loading data and transforming them into amazing visualizations. In this talk, Ben Kimball will explain and demonstrate the basics of using D3 to create a useful view of the data that’s already living behind your existing Rails applications.

Ben Kimball has been doing web application development in Austin on one platform or another since the first days of MacHTTP in the mid-90’s. His Rails career began in 2007, when he began teaching a Ruby and Rails class at UT Austin for his colleagues. Now in the private sector, Ben works on user experience and mines data from Twitter and the Tumblr firehose to produce data visualizations for Union Metrics Software, Inc.

Real World SOA: What happens when services stop being polite and start getting real

We all know that applications based on loosely coupled services make for nice looking diagrams in slides. But what happens when you actually have to build, operate and maintain these services with a team of real humans on real servers? This talk will combine practical how-tos for building and consuming services using Ruby and Rails with war stories from the trenches of a large SOA application.

Hayes Davis is CEO of Union Metrics. He’s built some pretty big things himself in Ruby and Java but now he mostly tries to stay out of the way.

Hope to see you there.