Hello All!

We are flying through the summer! Here we are at the end of July already. Your Rails Conductor this month is Brandon Harris. Hat tip to Ticketbud developers for picking up the talks at this meeting.

Keith Gaddis - Simplify Your Application with the Command Pattern

The command or interactor pattern is a very simple design pattern that is lightly used in most Rails apps, which is a shame because it can be used with great benefit to simplify application logic. We’ll talk about commands as a concept, implementation in code, and how they can be used to implement a few high-level architectural patterns that can help create code that scales in both performance and maintainability.

Keith is a senior developer at ticketbud and a mentor at MakerSquare. He’s been working in Ruby since discovering Rails in a dusty, little-trafficked corner of Barnes and Noble in 2006.

Brandon Harris - Atomicity and Concurrency in Web Applications

An important task for a lot of web applications is to limit connectivity, limit based on quantities, or limit based on some arbitrary number. There is a right way to do this with concurrency in mind and an unintentionally incorrect way. Atomicity is a concept that is central to implementing these behaviors. We will go through a few examples of what is incorrect and what is correct. My hope is that you walk away itching to properly implement atomicity in your app where you realize you may be doing it wrong.

Brandon is a senior developer at Ticketbud. A true full stack developer, he can move from server administration all the up to the front end with relative ease. He has been actively using Ruby on Rails since 2006.

Looking forward to seeing you there!