This month’s conductor is Rob Mack, a Rails developer at Spiceworks. Rob has been attending AoR since the first meeting and we are really pleased to have him.

Michael Marotta - Documentation for Developers

Alchemists claimed to transmute elements, delivering miraculous results by secret methods. The ruse needed to work only long enough for them to escape the king’s realm. In our time, scientists transmute elements (and transmute life) by methods that were published first in peer-reviewed journals, and now in textbooks. Too many software developers masquerade as code wizards whose smoke and mirrors need work only long enough for them to change jobs. Documentation - from the design to the helps - allows peer review, testing, and (if need be) falsification of theory.

Michael E. Marotta is a technical writer, trainer, and content strategist. He has contributed to projects for Dell, Carl Zeiss, the US Department of Defense, Kawasaki Robotics, and the State of Texas Department of Information Resources.

Cliff Cyphers - Playing Together: Tying Node.js, Socket.IO and Rails together with Redis

Pub/Sub models have been utilized over the years for offloading work to agents for decades. From basic shared memory systems, used for IPC messaging to full blown message brokers, today the options are almost unlimited for structuring applications in a high performance layout.

When building out an application, by decoupling the UI from the back end infrastructure, not only does the UI live strong as you modify and/or even replace the back end application server, but it also scales as easy as static content served through high performance web servers(nginx or apache). Throw in the mix of HTML5 websockets on a high performance node.js application stack, you have all the pieces required to update the UI in real time as the Rails back end data is modified. The Rails blog demo guide has been modified to demonstrate the concepts for using Rails as the persistent data API, and separate application will be demonstrated for pushing out the updates to connected clients with Redis as the pub/sub broker.

Cliff Cyphers enjoys developing in Ruby as a primary language, along with making hard problems easy. Some of the hard problems Cliff enjoys making easy are aspects such as building cache layers, representing full data flows, to using Nginx + Lua for accessing cache items and only sending request to the back end if there is a cache miss. Cliff is currently an independent contractor with Gamesalad and over the years has had many roles, from test environment automation, QA Automation, to general development assignments.

Look forward to seeing you there!