Greeting Rails Aficianados!

Your conductor for the month is none other than Mr. Michael May.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s versatile platform-as-a-service offering. It provides developers with all the infrastructure necessary for running modern web applications. With services like Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks, it’s now easier than ever to get up and running on this flexible platform. For this talk I’ll take you step by step through the shortest path to get your Ruby on Rails application running on AWS. I’ll then follow up with a discussion of tools and best practices advice for scaling your application as it grows.

Matt Swain has been doing Ops for large web applications for over 10 years for companies including Symantec, Five Runs, and PeopleAdmin. He currently does his computering at Mass Relevance.

And now for our next trick…

You’ve probably heard of JRuby. Maybe you’ve looked it over and said “that’s cool, but why would I ever use this in RL?” It just so happens that there are several use cases where JRuby becomes invaluable. I’ll be talking about how (and why) we run large production apps on JRuby and Rails at HomeAway. HomeAway is primarily a java shop, but JRuby and Rails allows us to build new things quickly, while taking full advantage of existing java API’s and services. Some of the topics I’ll hit will include using jruby to wrap java services and expose conventional ActiveResource interfaces, deploying Rails into java environments, testing with jruby and java, and I’ll also show off one of the internal projects I’ve been working on - A social connection search service. Hopefully you walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for real world jruby/rails workflows, java, and get inspired by some of the cool rails things at HomeAway.

Michael May is a Texas native and recent engineering grad from the University of Texas. He currently slings ruby code at HomeAway and moonlights as an entrepreneur, building on CDN Sumo, an addon for Heroku. Previously he co-founded a company that built dynamic power management software for data centers, interned at Gowalla during the glory days, and worked at a big data DoD contractor hacking on Hadoop, before it was cool.

Hope to see you there!