Howdy Folks,

Your Rails conductor for this month is Tim Tyrrell, so hold onto your hats! He’s put together a blockbuster program for us. It should be a lot of fun.

Developer Effectiveness Techniques

If someone asked which tools and techniques you utilize to be an effective developer, what would you say? Do you have a few items in your “bag of tricks” that help you to accomplish your everyday tasks in a non-wasteful manner? Tim has thought about this question a little too often and hopes that you can take a few of his ideas and integrate them into your everyday workflow.

Tim Tyrrell is a Chicago native that fled the cold and is now happily living with his wife and twins in Austin. He is a Senior Software Engineer on the Social Identity Team at where he gets to work with his current interests of ruby and javascript on a daily basis.

Exploring Rails Caching

Ruby on Rails is great for quickly developing featured, slick web applications. Once your project takes off, though, you’re bound to be asked, “can we make it faster?” Caching with Rails is pretty easy — but buggy cache invalidation schemes can easily result in after-hour emails to the effect of “I changed the page but it didn’t work.” Learn how to deliver blazing-fast sites with these robust caching strategies, without frustrating your client or yourself.

Nathaniel Jones has been developing the web for almost 10 years now, and riding Rails for over 3. Always a bit of a nomad, he bounced from San Diego to Australia to all over the U.S. before settling in Austin 2 years ago, where he has crafted apps for national political figures, consulted for eBay, spearheaded the re-launch, and rediscovered his love of Ultimate Frisbee. If you’re looking for a full-stack Rails consultant, Nathaniel’s your guy.

Can’t wait to see everybody come out. Please join us!