Greetings Compadres

Get ready to stuff your faces on Thanksgiving and then stuff your brain when you get back. Yes! We are meeting up for the November edition of Austin on Rails on November 27th. We’ve got two solid talks for you on backgrounding (beginner) and building robust applications (advanced).

Beginner Talk: David Kapp, Asynchronous Processing AND YOU!

At some point you’ll encounter a situation where something will be slow. 3’rd party service that takes 10 seconds to crunch data for you? Tons of database work? Generating a PDF and then emailing it? Save your Rails app some sweat and your users some heartache by offloading that slow job into an asynchronously processed queue and watch your troubles go away (or at least greatly diminish). We’ll mainly discuss Resque but we’ll talk about other options as well and why the term ‘asynchronous’ can be misleading.

David Kapp from Coshx Labs works on plenty of Ruby/Rails/JavaScript/CoffeeScript applications, but he also likes trying out other technologies as well. In a previous developer life he did C++/Java/Python for a large company. He prefers “agile” to “Agile” and “process” to “Process.” When not coding he loves his wife, his cats, video games, and board games.

Advanced Talk: Richard Schneeman, Millions of Apps: What we’ve Learned

Heroku has deployed millions of web apps. When you’ve run that many applications, it’s hard not to notice when frameworks and developers do things wrong, and when they do them right. We’ve taken a look at the most common patterns and boiled down the best of our advice in to 12 simple factors that can help you build your next app to be stable, successful, and scaleable. After this talk you’ll walk away with in depth knowledge of web framework design patterns and practical examples of how to improve your application code.

Richard “@schneems” writes Ruby at Heroku at teaches Rails at the University of Texas. When he isn’t obsessively compulsively playing Starcraft 2 he writes such gems as Wicked, Sextant, and oPRO. Check out his over 40+ hours of online course material from UT on Rails.

Hope to see y’all there!