Howdy Folks!

Sorry for the late posting. Austin on Rails is ON this month, on the Fourth Tuesday (October 23). You know how we do.

Your conductor for October is Damon Clinkscales.

Lightning Talks - Various

We’ll feature lightning talks from members for the first hour, in lieu of a beginner talk.

Daniel Hedrick - HAML and Presenters!

Have you rolled your eyes every time the literati have prodded you to switch to HAML? Looked at its goofy syntax and thought, “What’s the big deal?” Well, if you use a template language to present HTML view code and you cringe whenever you write bits of scripting in your views to check conditions, branch logic, and format information, then using HAML will make you a better programmer. But not unless you do it right. This presentation will give you the information and the strategy needed to build elegant, code-free views using HAML and the Presenter pattern.

Daniel Hedrick is a Senior Developer at Crushpath. He’s been writing web applications for just almost 18 years. When he’s not writing software, he enjoys having a pint of a good IPA, wrestling with his dogs, and watching sports. He’s married and works hard to embarrass his children with his taste in music.

Hope to see everyone there!