Howdy Folks!

Your conductor this month is PJ Christie of CabForward.

Elasticsearch: Beyond the Railscasts — Scott Hamilton

Elasticsearch with the Tire Gem is an attractive search engine alternative to Solr/Sunspot and Sphinx/Thinking Sphinx. The Railscasts are a great primer and the documentation helps, but there are some gaps: how to include multiple models when building a json document for indexing, or how to create a custom analyzer for partial keyword matching. We’ll walk through some real world uses of Elasticsearch and how to get more out of the Tire Gem for interfacing with Elasticsearch.

Scott Hamilton is a Senior Rails Developer at CabForward. Scott started coding web apps for the corporate world with ASP.Net in 2004. Soon after he coded his first Rails app in 2009, Scott left the rat race for contracting opportunities with Rails. Scott is also learning iOS and is working on a CabForward project building an iOS MVP for a local startup. Scott will be assisting with the delivery of a series of Rails classes at Cospace beginning September 26th.

Pusher, Backbone, and Real-Time Rails Apps — Mike Abernethy

Looking to make your application a real-time, single-page Rails application? This can be done rather easily with a few tools, including Pusher, Backbone, and jQuery. See a quick look at how these tools come together to create a modern web application.

Mike Abernethy is a Senior JavaScript Developer at CabForward. He started coding in Java 14 years ago, JavaScript/jQuery 5 years ago, and Rails a mere 6 months ago. He’s found that for fun and interesting work, Java is doomed and that Rails is the way to go. At CabForward he specializes in Backbone, jQuery, and real-time applications. Mike is also teaching an upcoming Backbone.js course at Cospace starting September 26th.