Greetings Rails Aficionados!

We’ve got an action-packed meeting for you this month. Come out and join us for an evening of Rails geekery and community. Your esteemed conductor for this month is Mr. Don Johnson.

Digging Into Arel — Rob Mack

Rails 3 came with a major change to Active Record. The Rail team chose Arel as the foundation for SQL abstraction and relational functionality in Active Record. Earlier this year, Rob Mack dug into Arel and learned about how it works and what it can do.

Rob Mack (@ robmack) is a Senior Rails Developer at Spiceworks. Before joining Spiceworks, he worked at PeopleAdmin, where he migrated their large-scale Rails application from Rails 2 to Rails 3 and built a configurable, extensible search tool that led him deep into Arel.

Intro to Mongo & Mongoid — Don Johnson

Mongodb continues to gain traction in the industry as a popular alternative to traditional, SQL-based databases, and Mongoid is a popular ORM tool to work with Mongodb from Rails. Don will go over the basics of Mongo and using Mongoid to connect a Rails application to it.

Don Johnson (@ djohnsonjr) is the Director of Engineering at Crushpath.

Building an Activity Stream in Mongo — Matt Wilkinson

Activity Streams have become so popular and so fundamental to our connected-world that there are now standard ways to build them. Mongodb’s schema-less data structure lends itself well to storing activity data. Matt will talk about how Crushpath is using Mongodb for storing activity streams.

Matt Wilkinson (@ n2frizbee) is the SVP of Products and Co-founder of Crushpath. Matt has been the primary contributor to the activity stream business logic and data modeling that Crushpath uses to track sales deals. Prior to Crushpath, Matt was a technical executive at Socialcast and also contributed to the Activity Streams Standard.