Listen up, nerds! This is Mando Escamilla, your conductor for the June Austin on Rails.

Have you ever thought, “Geez - I’ve always wanted to get up on stage, in front of a bunch of strangers and talk and talk and talk but I’ve never had the chance.”? WELL NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! This month we’re going all lightning talks, all the time.

What’s a lightning talk, you ask? Well that’s a fantastic question - you’re very clever.

A lightning talk is a short, 10 min. talk. It can be a demo of something you’re working on, or a particularly nice bit of code you wrote or came across. Honestly, it’s pretty loose.

Here’s what a lightning talk is NOT:

  • product pitch - Don’t be rude and try to sell us. We’ll publicly ridicule you and shame you if you do, and no one wants that.
  • recruiting pitch - Yeah, it’s tough to find good people these days, but this isn’t the place to recruit. If you want to give a spiel about your company, let’s talk about sponsorships :).
  • trolling - Seriously, don’t troll. It’s not cool - we’re all friends here.

Other than that, have fun with it! Your one-person dance interpretation of ARel? The song you wrote about MongoDB? Not only acceptable but welcomed :).

Please sign up to do a short talk today right here!


We’ve been invited to come meet in the brand new Capital Factory space at the top of the Omni and we are going to give it a go! So please tell your friends that the meeting location for this month will the 16th Floor of the Omni Hotel. Come check out the incredible view from the top of the Omni as we return to that tighter knit feeling we had in our previous meeting space before our numbers exploded.

Looking forward to it!