Yes, we’re back! In May, we will resume our normal meeting schedule. Tim Tyrrell will be your conductor this month.

RailsConf was an a-m-a-z-i-n-g show and it was a real honor to have it in our hometown. I hope you were able to participate in some of the festivities.

Rails as a Backend for Mobile Applications - Mike Bradford

Whether sharing or backing up custom data between users and devices or connecting to an existing web service, mobile apps commonly rely on web-based backends to extend their functionality. In this talk, we’ll delve into the features Rails provides to build a RESTful API specifically for mobile apps, present some common techniques and best-practices, and point out some areas of caution.

Mike began programming in Rails in 2007 shortly after returning home from a PHP conference in Toronto. He has worked as a developer at UT Austin, Mumboe, and now Crossroads Systems, as well as iOS development at the company he runs on the side, 47 Primes. His app, TruthPacker, has been on sale in the App Store since January 2011. He can be found most weekends playing bass guitar at church or on Tuesday night jazz jam sessions at Kick Butt Coffee.

Intro to Backbone.js with Rails - Tim Tyrrell

Abstract: Ruby on Rails is awesome…why should you care about Backbone.js? Tim will give an overview of why Rails developers should care about Javascript MVC frameworks and how you can easily integrate one into a Rails application. He’ll also will explain the structure of a Backbone.js application and how the paradigm jives with its Rails counterparts. You should be able to walk away from this presentation and add Backbone.js to your resume.

Tim is a Chicago native fleeing the cold while working as a Rails Developer for PeopleAdmin in Austin, TX.