The organizer for this meeting is Keith Gaddis.

Welcome to 2012! From the looks of things, we are going to have a fantastic year here in Austin.

Beginner Talk

Backgrounding Tasks in Rails - Marcus Mateus

Frequently web applications need to perform tasks which can take far too long to handle in a healthy request cycle. Marcus will showcase a few options for moving tasks into the background, enabling quick responses to site visitors, using libraries like DelayedJob and Resque.

Marcus Mateus is a Austin-based Rails developer and founder of SimpliTex LLC.

Advanced Talk

High-Fidelity Data With Event-Sourcing - Keith Gaddis

Event-sourcing is a technique for storing not just the current state of the database, but the entire history of changes in data. By maintaining a high-fidelity history of state, a world of possibilities is opened for future development as well as a much greater ability to respond to changes in requirements and bugs in development. We’ll take a look at the technique and how to implement it as well as touching briefly on some of the principle uses.

Keith Gaddis is a cofounder and CTO at PublikDemand. Keith has been working with Rails for six years and has worked in industries ranging from medical software to publishing.

Meeting Time & Location

Buffalo Billiards

201 East 6th Street

7pm-9pm (doors open at 6:30)

Hope to see you at Buffalo!

RailsConf Update

We couldn’t be more excited about RailsConf coming down to Austin on April 23-25, 2012! This is a real honor and a testament to the community that we have built here.

Plans for the national event are underway by the folks at Ruby Central and we are plugged in there and helping them when they ask for it…In addition to the main event, there will be a number of community events happening around (and during) the conference.

Right now, those activities are:

  • Ignite RailsConf (probably the evening of April 22nd) (Organizers: Damon Clinkscales / Yair Flicker / Josh Baer )
  • Kids Ruby Day (April 22nd daytime) (Organizers: Rob Mack / Ron Evans / Damon Clinkscales)
  • ‘Talk to a Local’ Hotline / ‘Stay With a Local’ Web Site (throughout) (Organizer: Chap Ambrose)
  • BohConf (unconference held in the event hotel, April 23-25) (Organizers: Yair Flicker / Damon Clinkscales)
  • RailsConf 5K (date TBD) (organizer: Jeff Linwood)

Please let us know at railsconf-at-austinonrails-dot-org if you would like to help out on any of these specifically or if you want to be listed as someone generally available to help with whatever. Also, if you have other ideas, thoughts, comments about events / supporting activities to pull off during RailsConf, please don’t hesitate to speak up!

Thanks everyone! This is a massive community effort.