This month, we’re excited to be doing a joint meeting with the Cassandra user group here in Austin!


Intro to Cassandra (And Connecting With Ruby)

Apache Cassandra is a scalable, highly available non-relational database designed to deal with big data in real time. After being open sourced by Facebook, Cassandra quickly became popular with sites like Twitter and Reddit for its ability to handle large volumes of low latency writes and reads while still tolerating node failures without disruption.

This talk will give a high-level introduction to Cassandra, including its clustering and data models, and will describe what use cases are a great fit for Cassandra. The Ruby clients for Cassandra will also be covered, as well as pointers for integrating it into your Rails application.

Tyler Hobbs is an engineer at DataStax, the company behind Apache Cassandra. Tyler maintains several of the client libraries and has helped to build OpsCenter, the cluster management and monitoring platform.


Cassandra at Gowalla: A Retrospective

Gowalla needed to store quickly growing data in a system that has a versatile data model, is operationally friendly, and runs well on multiple servers. The Apache Cassandra database meets all of those needs. In the latest Gowalla release, Cassandra is used for auditing changes, storing timeline data, as a time-sensitive cache, and for storing external social graphs. In this development cycle, we learned the challenges of introducing a new, unfamiliar database and how best to work with a column-oriented data model. Adam will demonstrate open source released by Gowalla using Cassandra and share the lessons learned in rolling out this nifty new technology.

Adam Keys is a software developer who works at Gowalla and help out with Sifter. When not coding or writing, he spends his time being a sucker for animals, an amateur humorist, an arbitrator of what is geek-chic, and an aspiring polymath.

Thanks to our friends at DataStax for sponsoring some beers!