This month at Austin on Rails we’re going to “break it down now” for Rails beginners with a nice variety of talks from various community members. We’ll cover directory structure, MVC, routes, migrations, helpers, testing, and the new Rails 3.1 asset pipeline. We’ll also have Anthony Lewis (Rails developer and instructor) step in and educate us about building secure Rails applications.

Rails Beginner Lightning Talks! - Various Folks

We’re going to take some time this month to get all the beginners in on the action…we polled the community for some topics and we’re going to do quick 10 minutes presentations on a lot of them!

  1. directory structure and files - what does it all MEAN? (Damon Clinkscales - suggested by Damon)
  2. mvc - what is it and how does it manifest in Rails (Barry Cox - suggested by Damon)
  3. routes - understanding routes and resources (Chap Ambrose - suggested by Chap and Rob Jones)
  4. migrations - what are they for and how do they work (Skip Baney - suggested by Skip)
  5. helpers - what are they for / when to use them (Barry Cox - suggested by Ruby Ku)
  6. testing - overview of the basics / how to get started (Keith Gaddis - suggested by Andre Ortiz)
  7. asset pipeline - a new Rails 3.1 feature (Brandon Harris - suggested by Dave Rupert)

Rails Application Security - Anthony Lewis

Keep your site and your users safe in this tour of common security vulnerabilities and exploits. Learn about injection attacks, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, authorization errors and more, as well as Rails-specific vulnerabilities such as mass assignment. We will discuss best practices for avoiding these problems in Rails 3.0 and a few upcoming features that will make Rails 3.1 applications even more secure.

Anthony Lewis is an IT Security Analyst with the Texas Education Agency and a freelance web developer. He is also teaching the GeekAustin Beginning Ruby on Rails class (with the next session coming up in August!).

Meeting Location

OtherInbox/Capital Thought (8th floor of the Omni Hotel Business Tower)