This month at Austin on Rails is all about Rails forms and views - from forms internals to high-level UI frameworks. Learn how to hack the default form builder, extend it, or replace it completely with Formtastic!

Forms, FormBuilders, Helpers, and Tags - Scott Bellware

Compose more complex form helpers from Rails’ defaults, or build your own from scratch. Reduce duplicated view code and standardize UI implementation on your team by wrapping, extended, or replacing existing form tags and controls. Customize the FormBuilder and take control of views and form markup. This talk will go over the internals of the form builder and form helpers, demonstrating the evolution of a plain old view helper into a form helper touching on useful bits and pieces of Rails internals along the way.

Scott Bellware works for Rackspace on Ruby and Rails apps that power next generation data center and cloud automation. Scott has been developing on Rails since 2006. He teaches Lean and Agile development in conferences and workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe, and founded Lean Software Austin in 2009 to explore second-generation Agile development.

Formtastic! - Keith Gaddis

Formtastic is a drop-in replacement for the Rails standard form builder, but it goes far beyond that. Formtastic can fulfill all your scaffolding needs early in development, but it provides enough flexibility and functionality to grow with your app as it matures. This talk will introduce you to all the form-building goodness Formtastic offers and show you how to start using it in your own applications in minutes.

Keith Gaddis is the CTO for Inductive Applications, a medical software company based in Austin, TX. Keith has been using Rails since 2006, delivering applications in areas ranging from public health to book publishing.