This month at Austin on Rails, we’ll be diving into CoffeeScript and Sass, two technologies which are being bundled into Rails 3.1. Much love to Adam Michela for organizing.

Introducing CoffeeScript - Mattt Thompson

CoffeeScript will ship with Rails 3.1 to replace RJS as the preferred way to dynamically generate JavaScript. It’s a new language that takes the best parts of Ruby, Python, and others to ease the worst parts of JavaScript. You should learn it not just because it’s the new kid on the Rails block, but because it will expand your mind, and make you a better programmer. This presentation will take you through the basics of CoffeeScript, starting with a crash course in syntax, all the way to a working application.

Mattt Thompson (@ mattt) is a Ruby hacker and iOS Developer at Gowalla, a social network inspiring people to discover and share amazing places with their friends. He is also the founder of Austin.RB, a community for Ruby programmers in Austin.

Introducing Sass - Adam Michela

Rails 3.1 is shipping with Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. It’s high time you cozy up with Sass, a superset of CSS which implements a multitude of features that guarantee you’ll have fun creating reusable stylesheets. We’ll go over why Sass is here, get in depth with the SCSS syntax and it’s capabilities, meet Compass, and finish out with the best practices to employ in parallel with Sass to achieve DRY and manageable views in your Rails application.

Adam Michela (@ soopa) is a UI Designer & Developer at Gowalla, a mobile application that helps you find the extraordinary in the world around you.

Volunteers Needed!

You can help Austin on Rails by taking responsibility for planning the talks (or other activities) for one or more of our meetings. We need your help to keep Austin on Rails sustainable.

Please ping @damon and add yourself to the 2011 meeting schedule to take ownership of a monthly meeting. You will plan the meeting and emcee the meeting. Damon will assist as needed.

Meeting Time and Location

We meet at Datran/OtherInbox (enter through the stairs of the Omni Building at 7th and Brazos and head up the elevators to the 8th floor) from 7-9PM on Fourth Tuesdays. Socialization practice follows after the meeting at B.D. Riley’s on 6th.

A Note About The Meeting Space

Last month, we saw a record turnout of 75-85! This is great news, but it was more than a little cramped in the room (and in the hallway, and in the kitchen). This month, we’re going to try something different. We’re going to push the center tables out of the way and set up rows of chairs to see how that goes.