Hey Everyone

The recent Ruby in Austin survey was very informative. Thanks so much for your participation! We didn’t quite get to a resolution on every issue, but we did learn a few things.

1 Almost every respondent was interested in having a non-Rails Ruby meeting in the evening. (92%)

# 2 There is a large overlap of potential attendees (79% would like to attend both) # 3 Y’all are passionate about Ruby.

Your responses to the essay question (question #5) ranged from “this is genius” to “be careful, you’re ruining everything”! Thanks for your candid feedback. Believe me when I tell you that I love Ruby, Rails, and Austin on Rails, and I am simply trying to encourage passionate Rubyists to step up and expand the Ruby footprint in Austin. Things are good now with Austin on Rails, but I think they can be much better. The survey result is already clear on the desire for this, so let’s do it.

4 We need to have another brief survey to decide when and where.

I will put together a 2 question survey which makes the choices about which other meetings in town we will be stepping on if we pick certain dates. I will also list a few pros and cons of the proposed locations.

Thanks again for participating…Will get the new survey out by Monday and I will leave the voting open until the end of Tuesday night’s AOR meeting.