Thanks to Tim Tyrrell for organizing the Rails meeting this month. Looking forward to this event.

Refactoring WTF into OMG — Strategies for success - Keith Gaddis

Rails is a powerful platform that gives us lots of tools for creating solid web apps. Unfortunately, with that power comes a high likelihood that you’ll shoot yourself in the foot at some point, or inherit the results of someone else’s education. If you’ve ever inherited someone’s early experiments in Rails development, built a project without a test suite, or just have a plain old legacy application to maintain (or some combination of all three!) this is the talk for you.

Over the last year of taking over such projects, I’ve found a few strategies that worked for me in getting started on the cleanup efforts. I’ll discuss assessment, setting priorities, and how to get started on the path to application salvation.

Keith Gaddis recently became CTO for Inductive Applications, a medical software company based in Austin TX. He’s an active member of the Austin On Rails community, and frequently teaches classes on Ruby, Rails, and Behavior-driven development.

Test-Driving Javascript with Jasmine - Tim Tyrrell

There seems to be a tendency for developers to do an excellent job of unit testing their server-side code but leaving client-side javascript as the new “spaghetti” dumping ground and it doesn’t have to be that way! Jasmine is a nifty Javascript BDD testing framework with a RSpec-like syntax that can integrate very easily with Rails. This talk is not designed to be an “Intro to Jasmine” but more of an “Intro to TDDing Javascript with Jasmine”.

Tim Tyrrell (@timtyrrell) is a Senior Software Engineer at Dovetail Software. He is a Chicago native fleeing the cold and attempting to be a free-range parent for his twins.

New Ruby Meetup Forming

We’re going to put out a survey very soon about a new Ruby meetup focused solely on Ruby…so please keep an eye out on our Twitter account for that!

Volunteers Needed!

You can help Austin on Rails next year by taking responsibility for planning the talks (or other activities) for one or more of our meetings. Damon needs your help to keep Austin on Rails sustainable.

Please ping @damon and add yourself to the 2011 schedule to take ownership of a monthly meeting. You will plan the meeting and emcee the meeting. He will assist as needed.

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Meeting Time and Location

We meet at Datran/OtherInbox (enter through the stairs of the Omni Building at 7th and Brazos and head up the elevators to the 8th floor) from 7-9PM on Fourth Tuesdays. Socialization practice follows after the meeting at B.D. Riley’s on 6th.