This month we’re going to split our time between Rails and Ruby. Our first talk will delve into handling corner cases of Rails and the other will explore programming Arduino hardware with Ruby. Come out and join us to learn something new, meet great people, and who knows…maybe even drink a beverage after.

The Rails Box is Awesome, But It Has Corners - Jeffrey Taylor

Rails is intended handle the tasks needed by 80-90% of the Websites. Or is it 80-90% of the tasks in a Website. This talk is about identifying that 10-20% and some options for dealing with it. As the jazzman said, “You can’t play out of the box if you don’t know where the box is.

Jeffrey L. Taylor started programming by punching hole in paper tape and card with sharp rocks. These days he prefers Ruby and Rails for most tasks and C/C++ for compute intensive tasks.

Arduino for Rubyists - Erik DeBill

Arduino is an embedded development platform aimed at novices. It’s taking the maker world by storm, and has been used for everything from blinking LEDs to winning robotics contests. We’ll look at why it’s interesting, the basics of programming the Arduino and how to interface it with Ruby code.

Erik DeBill has a BS in Computer Engineering and about 10 years of web development experience. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and programming.

Volunteers Needed!

You can help Austin on Rails next year by taking responsibility for planning the talks (or other activities) for one or more of our meetings. Damon needs your help to keep Austin on Rails sustainable.

Please ping @damon and add yourself to the 2011 schedule to take ownership of a monthly meeting. You will plan the meeting and emcee the meeting. He will assist as needed.

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Meeting Time and Location

We meet at Datran/OtherInbox (enter through the stairs of the Omni Building at 7th and Brazos and head up the elevators to the 8th floor) from 7-9PM on Fourth Tuesday (Fifth Tuesday this month, however, due to Thanksgiving). Socialization practice follows after the meeting at B.D. Riley’s on 6th.