Railsconf 2010 Recap

Keith Gaddis ( @karmajunkie) discovered Rails development four years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s spent much of the last ten years writing web applications in the medical and public health arena. Today he works for Collective Idea, a contract Rails development firm that also conducts training in topics ranging from Rails to Behavior Driven Development to iPhone and iPad development.

Keith will talk about the RailsConf keynotes and several of the sessions he went to, what concrete information he was able to take away, and where the currents of the Rails community seem to be going right now. He tried to focus more on attending sessions that would be code-heavy or otherwise practical in nature but there should be something useful for everyone.

We’d also like to ask anyone else who was at Railsconf or followed the proceedings to share their opinions/learnings as well..

Debugging Ruby with ruby-debug

Nola Stowe ( @rubygeekdotcom) has been programming since she was 13 and found the basic programming book for her TRS-80. She’s a self proclaimed language geek with Ruby being her favorite. She moved from Chicago and currently works for Trion Worlds, the premier publisher and developer of connected video games in North Austin (they are hiring!). After spending some time in the Java world and coming back to ruby, one thing Nola missed was the debugger and being able to step through her code. ruby-debug is a handy tool to debug your app without putting puts statements everywhere. She will show the basics in a short presentation.

Audio from the May Meeting

  • Rob Mack & John Critz - Rails 3 Overview / From Merb to Rails 3 [audio]
  • Skip Baney - Deploying Rails 3 to Dreamhost [audio]

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