Richard Schneeman - Rails 3.0 Email

No matter what new communication protocols we adopt in the future, email is here to stay. So if you’re not taking advantage of ActionMailer in Ruby on Rails you’re missing out. In this talk, we’ll cover ActionMailer basics as well as the changes coming to email in rails 3.0. We’ll go into depth on sending & receiving emails, as well as the testing techniques used to make sure that stays up and running. For those of you that haven’t delved into guts email before we’ll be introducing how email structure including MIME types and discussing some different ways to set up your own production mail server.

Before graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering Richard picked up Agile Web Development with Rails and hasn’t looked back. He is currently working on a number of web projects his latest is a disposable email forwarding application that powers Richard recently co-founded a screen-cast editing service: DesignaCast with Emmy award winning editor Graham Benevelli. He is also member of the Austin Software Mentors group and is looking to be more active in the Austin software community.

Stu Hood - Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a non relational database system that excels at storing huge amounts of data. It’s a semi-structured key-value store which offers linear scalability and flexible geographical replication. The talk will describe what Cassandra is good at, what it’s not good at, and the best ways to put Cassandra to use behind Ruby applications.

Stu Hood is a lead software developer at Rackspace. He’s worked on infrastructure and open source for the majority of his career, including Hadoop and Cassandra. His work for Rackspace with Hadoop is detailed in the O’Reilly Hadoop book “Hadoop: The Definitive Guide.” Stu received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

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