UPDATE: This meeting has been cancelled due to weather. We will try to reschedule these talks soon, depending on speaker availability. ### Ethan Waldo - TestJour

TestJour is a Rails-based system used for running distributed Cucumber tests. In the talk, a TestJour system will be set up from a GitHub project to a working system. A majority of the effort spent in a TestJour setup is not in getting TestJour working, but in efficiently preparing the master and slaves systems for running tests on the intended project. Virtualization is used heavily in their solution and they’ll briefly discuss some of the technology benefits for using a virtual environment for less resource consumption. This can help make the efficient use of multi-processing/multi-core systems when the primary bottleneck is not in IO but in CPU processing.

We’ll take a look how TestJour responds and behaves to the configuration and dispatching of the tests across all slaves. We’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the commands TestJour executes, dive into the code, and explain how TestJour can be extended for your project environment. They’ve built Capistrano recipes for deploying the solution and you can read more about their setup here.

Ethan Waldo has been working with Ruby and Rails since July of 2009. His interest in Rails began with the inception of the first major development effort his company had undertaken. The Texas Association of Local Health Officials (TALHO) development team works on applications for the Public Health Information Network (PHIN). They have a partnership with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and have developed a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) PHIN-compliant system. Within 5 months of development, they had achieved certification for both Direct Alerting and Texas became the first state in the entire nation to receive certification on Cascade Alerting. They attribute a majority of their success to the rapid development process made possible by Ruby and Rails and Test Driven development.

Wynn Netherland - CSS Metaframeworks

Everything you wanted to know about CSS meta frameworks but were too scared to ask including:

  • what the heck is a CSS meta framework?
  • why should I care about CSS meta frameworks?
  • who would win in a Sass vs. LessCSS deathmatch?
  • how do you go about using CSS meta frameworks with Ruby projects anyway?
  • will I have to give up Dreamweaver?
  • will I be left saying “dude, that’s so meta”?
  • and more!

Wynn Netherland is a freelance web designer and Ruby developer in the Dallas area focusing mainly on front-end UI/UX development. You can catch up with Wynn on Twitter by following @pengwynn or on his blog http://wynnnetherland.com.

Party on, Wayne!

Thanks to the gracious support of Rackspace, Capital Thought, and Gowalla, we’ll be hosting the Austin on Rails SXSW Happy Hour with Rails geeks from around the globe, in what has become an annual tradition.

RSVP on Facebook if you think you can join us for this nerdfest. Good times will be had by all!

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