Due to the the Thanksgiving holiday our meeting has been moved up this month to November 17th. We’ve got an awesome meeting this month and we hope you can make it out!

Many people who love git have a tendency to get excited by the internals of it; how it does the things that make it so great. For the uninitiated, these details can be intimidating and more than a little opaque. We’ll look at a (very) brief over-view of what git is and isn’t, then get to the more important question to the working developer: “How do I use it?” We’ll look at commonly used commands, discuss various work-flows, and compare and contrast subversion’s ways of doing things. The focus will be on how to get things done, not how does git work.

Ben Hamill is a Ruby and Rails hobbyist and a git fanboy. He works at the University of Texas doing non-Ruby work mostly to do with reporting the official statistics about the University. One day, maybe he’ll get paid to write Ruby. He graduated from UT in 2005 with a degree in Linguistics. Ben blogs at benhamill.com and wrote the mini-app atreply.net. He prefers argyle over plaid and a very specific type of hat.

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself what to do and not to do? Come hear some ideas and lessons-learned for writing “future-proof” Ruby code for startup technology companies. Because startups learn and refine their products rapidly as the market becomes clear, they should write code that is easy to change, throw-away, or enhance. We’ll discuss specific challenges that we’ve faced in building OtherInbox, especially the early decisions we made when we built the prototype that caused us pain later on. Things as simple as the names I chose for certain classes and as complex as polymorphic inheritance and our decision to use JRuby.

. Mike Subelsky is co-founder of OtherInbox.com. Before becoming a Rails hacker, he was a cybersecurity consultant and U.S. Navy cryptologic officer for seven years.

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Meeting Time and Location

We meet at Datran/OtherInbox (enter through the stairs of the Omni Building at 7th and Brazos and head up the elevators to the 8th floor) from 7-9PM on Fourth Tuesday (although this month, it’s 3rd). Socialization practice follows after the meeting at B.D. Riley’s on 6th.